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Innovation Management B&M summary - summary of papers included

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Innovation Management B&M summary Chapter 1: introduction Chapter 2: Industry dynamics of technological innovation Chapter 3: Types and patterns of innovation Paper: challenges in innovation management Paper: Does management really work? Chapter 4: Standards battles and design dominance Chapter 5: Timing of entry Paper: Patterns of industrial evolution, dominant designs, and firm’s survival. Paper: Battles for technological dominance: an integrative framework Chapter 10: organ...

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Lectures Innovation and Technology Management

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All lectures from Innovation and Technology Management of the third year from IBA (Tilburg University). I used a lot of graphs, figures and examples to make it more clear. Furthermore, I used different colors for different lectures which gives it a nice overview. Some of the topics are: different types of innovation, strategic use of innovation, models used in innovation such as the state-gate model, innovation networks etc.

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1ZM11 Marketing and innovation Article summary

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The articles are summarized based on key constructs, findings and take-aways. The key findings and take-aways will overlap. Please be aware that this summary was not created for the purpose of having a summary, but the summary was created so that I had to read the article more carefully. That's why I kept the price low.

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