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Summary articles Entrepreneurship & Finance
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Summary of the following articles: • Capital structure theory and new technology firms: is there a match? S Coleman, A Robb - Management Research Review, 2012 • What do we know about entrepreneurial finance and its relationship with growth?; S Fraser, SK Bhaumik, M Wright – International Small Business Journal, 2015 • Entrepreneurship and growth; M. Wright I. Stigliani - – International Small Business Journal, 2012 • The capital structure decisions of new firms; AM Robb, DT Ro...

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Summary of EVERYTHING for the exam of EC2EBE: Essentials of Entrepreneurship UU minor entrepreneurship 2020. Including Seminars, Articles, and possible Exam Questions
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As the title says: all the important parts are discussed in this summary. This includes: ALL regular lectures, articles that needed to be read, seminars, and at last additional materials that were needed to take into account. Quality of the document is high as usual. Not only including text but also helpful images and illustrations. Everything in a nice lay-out which makes it very easy to read. The lectures discussed are the ones according to the blackboard page: Introduction, Entrepreneurial me...

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