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Summary: Economics of Entrepreneurship
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Summary of Economics of Entrepreneurship including 17 articles and 1 web series: All articles from the course manual exclusing: W1: Wennekers & Thurik W6: Scheepers et al. W7: Massa et al. (lecture: Teachers said that this one was not very important and might be excluded as they did not mention it in lecture or tutorial) Sheppard (tutorial) full list: Alvarez, S. A., & Barney, J. B. (2007). Discovery and creation: Alternative theories of entrepreneurial action. Strategic Entrepreneurshi...

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ECONOMICS The three major types of firms in the United States are called Sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations Limited liability means that Shareholders in a corporation cannot lose more than their investment in the firm The government grants limited liability to the owners of corporations To limit shareholder risk and thus encourage investment in corporations Limited liability becomes more important for firms trying to raise funds from a large number of investors...

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Economics 214 Macroeconomics Chapter 5
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Economics 214 for Stellenbosch university. Chapter 5 of the second terms work - MACROeconomics. *Note that the graphs and tables in these notes are not of my own work, but taken from the slideshow given to us by the lecturer on SUNLearn.

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